Celebrating Indie Development!

Founded in 2009 by Captain Andy Moore, Radial Games is an indie games studio built on a love of games, indies and the community.

Here at Radial we are committed to making the world a better place through making games and teaching others how to make games. For us, each game is a labour of love, and also an opportunity to share our experiences with aspiring and seasoned game developers alike.

When we’re not making stuff, you’ll often find us hanging out at game jams, supporting social causes via education, and organizing events like meetups, workshops, and more.

Thanks for being fans!


Featured Games

  • Depth Charge Image

    Depth Charge

    Hidden in the depths of the ocean lay long-dormant alien spaceships, lost to all but time. Now, after centuries of being forgotten, the vessels are awakening and it’s time to go... home?

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  • IceBurgers Image

    Monster Loves You!

    As a monster, you pop up in the most interesting places — what do you do when three angry bears discover a young blonde girl in their cabin?

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